IMD Travel Retail

Ian Macleod Distillers India Travel Retail

In 2010, IMD India started its business at the Airports in India with its flagship brands - King Robert II, Glengoyne, Smokehead and Six Isles. In 2012, to strengthen its association with Delhi Duty Free, the Chieftains range was introduced which was exclusively for Delhi Duty Free. With time higher aged variants of Glengoyne (18 YO, 21 YO, 25 YO,28 YO & 35YO) were also introduced. Again, the Glengoyne 35 YO and 28 YO were made exclusive only to Delhi Duty Free.

Thereafter to be competitive and timelier to its Travel Retail customers, IMD India set up a separate unit at Noida Special Economic Zone in 2016 to exclusively meet the requirements of Travel Retail business in India. This setup is one of its kind and IMD India is the only Company in the liquor Industry, which has been able to establish such a setup till date.

In 2017, two new brands, Tamdhu and Shieldaig made their entry into the India Travel retail under IMD India portfolio. With all its top brands present in the Travel retail space, IMD India has done well in winning the heart of the India connoisseurs and have set high standards for the business and many competitors have tried to follow suit. In 2019, introduced Edinburgh Gin – Distillers Cut and the response has been extremely good.